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Our Story

“Every child should grow into the happy and healthy self they deserve to be”

Barbara Oliveira, moqqi founder

Moqqi was born from my ultimate desire to improve children’s health and ease parent’s lives.

For years I had a busy corporate career, a fun, and intense life, always on the go and with very little time to spare. With that lifestyle, I struggled to find balance and, after 14 years, I suffered health issues and even infertility.

In 2019 I realized I needed to take better care of myself and I learned the critical role that healthy nutrition plays. The more I learned, the more I changed my diet, and the more I experienced the positive effects on my health. How I wished I had developed these healthy food habits when I was a child!

Boy Eating

Building healthy food habits early on is so important, but it is also a lot of work!

The early years in a child’s life are critical for cognitive and neurological development. According to the World Health Organization, to develop properly a child needs the right amounts of macronutrients like protein, fat, and carbohydrates and micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Too many products sold in supermarkets are unfortunately not good for children. They contain too much sugar, fat, salt and even artificial ingredients such as additives and fillers.

Preparing fresh diverse meals at home is the best you can do for your child, but it requires time and energy, which can be challenging to find between work and kids.

I founded moqqi to help you offer healthy food that your child loves without spending hours in the kitchen!

You no longer need to prepare all the snacks from scratch, and you can trust that your children will still enjoy really good food! Truly healthy, truly tasty!

Our products are not only quick and easy, but also prepared with care and validated by a nutritionist to ensure quality. We designed them to appeal to children's palates, even the picky ones, and to provide balanced nutrients so your children can grow into the happy and healthy self they deserve to be.

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Moqqi product Tappio
Children in Mozambique with Moqqi Founder Barbara Oliveira

Children that face malnutrition also need our attention!

Being from Brazil and having volunteered in Mozambique I experienced firsthand children not having enough to eat or not properly developing due to nutrients deficiencies.

This is a serious and very dear issue to me. With moqqi, we will be part of the solution and have an impact on addressing child malnutrition.

moqqi will donate one school meal in an impoverished country for every bag of product sold. One-for-One.

Together, we will improve the lives of thousands of children!

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Our Mission & Values

A splash of goodness for all kids!

Our mission is to make healthy eating fun for kids and parents, while improving overall child nutrition.


We care so deeply about children’s well-being that we always do the right thing. Parents can rely on us, when we say it is good, it is really good!


We partner with our customers to build a healthier childhood and to fight child malnutrition wherever needed

Zuchini with children drawn on

We take pride in the high quality of our products. Only the best for our children, high standards from sourcing to distribution.


Inspired by children's joy, we work with fun, enthusiasm, and hope, and we bring it into the home of our customers.

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