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Children in Mozambique

Purchase with a Purpose

Buy our Moqqies and help fight child malnutrition

Purchase with a Purpose

Buy our Moqqies and help fight child malnutrition

You buy our Moqqies
We deliver it to your house
Your child enjoys a healthy and delicious snack

Moqqi donates one school meal to a child in need
Together we help fight child malnutrition

Our Projects

We help fight malnutrition wherever needed

Child eating

Providing meals to support children at the school Sagrada Familia, in Mozambique

Mozambique is one of the countries facing the most severe child malnutrition in the world. About one in every two children under the age of 5 faces chronic malnutrition, undermining their health, physical and cognitive development.

The school Sagrada Familia in Mozambique is the first project we are happily committed to supporting. Located in a rural area, with no paved streets and about 10 km away from the closest town, it provides 100 children from 2 to 5 years old with education and two meals a day. With the lack of government funding, the school survives exclusively from donations.

This school is very dear to us as our founder helped build it when she volunteered there in 2014.

By purchasing our Moqqies , you help create a healthier world for children. Together we fight malnutrition with this simple equation:
we give meals when you buy Moqqi products
It is just the start!
Count on us to fight malnutrition everywhere needed.
Drawing of children at a fair

Together let's improve the lives of thousands of children!

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Drawing of children at a fair