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Delicious AND healthy snacks for kids? Yes, we make it possible!

A splash of goodness made with 100% biological ingredients, full of vegetables and without any additives.

Truly delicious, honestly healthy

100% natural ingredients

We only use natural, organic and wholesome ingredients. No additives, preservatives or artificial colors.

Nutritious and tasty

All our products contain essential nutrients, dietary fibers and a high amount of vegetables.

Prepared with care

We design our products with children’s health in mind. They are developed to appeal to their palates, even to the picky ones.

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Supporting child nutrition

For every bag of Moqqies sold we donate a school meal in an impoverished country.  One-for-One.

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Frozen for freshness Frozen for

Moqqies are ready in minutes. From the freezer to the oven or microwave.

We prepare our products with fresh ingredients. We immediately freeze them to preserve all the nutrients and flavors.

So healthy and easy!

Snack time is smile time, for the whole family

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